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Bottle Packing Plant

  • CO2 V101i Laser
     We import advanced foreign technical and parts to keep the machine’s competitiveness. Such as generating laser and the lens, which can meet almost marking need. The machine is small size so it takes small space. Widely used in food& beverage ,medicine cosmetics industry and garment industry.. It’s specially designed for the industrial product packing. It is the best succedaneum of the ink-jet printer system.
  • PE film Shrink Wrapping Packing Machine
     This machine sets of film shrink packaging multiple items combined sets of film shrink packaging. Large quantities suitable for printing, pharmaceutical, flooring, ceramic, drinks, beer and other industries shrink packaging.Applicable PVC, PP, PE shrink film. 1.High velocity-turbo tunnel design. 2. Works with all kinfs of shrink film. 3. Digital temperature controllers. 4. Stainless steel heater. 5. Top&bottom&side heating. 6. Variable speed belt conveyor. 7. Atomatic cool down tiner. 8. Roller,wire mesh,options. 9. Safeguard cover of heat insulation.